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More Capacity, More Consolidation, Better Watts/TB = More Savings!

The InfiniBox® SSA II family of all-flash-arrays (AFA) just added another member, the F4316T, doubling the capacity of this powerful, low-latency platform! That position used to belong to the F4308T with 3.280PB effective. The new 4316T boasts 6.635PB effective, all within the same floor space and without any additional power requirements. You get even greener storage with up to 50% less power required per effective terabyte over the F4308T! Combined with consistent real-world application performance and microsecond level latency as low as 35µs (microseconds) you have a winning combo of capacity and performance from Infinidat! This is not just performance and capacity at scale, it’s OpEx savings at scale as well, while it continues to optimize your datacenter and operations.

For many enterprise applications only ultra-high performance and extremely low latency will do. The F4316T is the ideal all-flash platform for enterprises that are looking for a larger, petabyte scale system to support performance sensitive workload consolidation. But you don’t need to get there all at once. The SSA II family now offers a flexible, scale-up, capacity consumption model of partially populated all-flash systems, starting with the F4308T at 60% - 766TB up to the full F4316T – 2.654PB. Depending on your budget and your workload consolidation plans, you can upgrade non-disruptively along the platform.

Saving floor space, electrical and cooling costs by consolidating a large number of all-flash arrays or legacy hybrid arrays onto the new SSA II is the plan of many of our enterprise customers. Not to mention the savings in OpEx reductions in storage management costs from managing many arrays, and sometimes many vendors, to managing just one that has built-in ease of management. In a recent IDC survey, storage team staff productivity saw an average productivity increase of 48% after adoption of InfiniBox. Enterprises are now freeing up IT staff for other critical IT tasks! We prove time and time again that when our prospects and customers consolidate both larger all-flash and smaller, mid-tier arrays, there is a tremendous cost savings. They also get better performance - guaranteed, 100% availability guaranteed, and cyber storage resilience and recovery guaranteed. Along the way they also experience all our enterprise features, capabilities and white glove support, which just isn’t available with our competitors.

“Infinidat leverages its broad enterprise storage solution portfolio extremely well. By expanding its family with the SSA Express Software and a new, larger-capacity InfiniBox SSA II, Infinidat strengthens its leadership position for what it does best – make enterprise storage more affordable, easier to use, more flexible, cyber resilient, and higher performance.”

Steve McDowell, Principal Analyst/Founding Partner - NAND Research

The E² Factor

The new SSA II provides a compelling all-flash platform for consolidation, making a very strong Economic argument. But also, makes a strong Environment statement. For one, when an enterprise consolidates 5, 10, or 20 arrays onto one there are the obvious OpEx benefits of reduced power, cooling, and floor space. But they also need to decommission and preserve data security of all those old arrays, at a cost times (x) whatever number of arrays are being consolidated. Once you’ve consolidated to an InfiniBox SSA II, at the end of its lifecycle you only have one array to worry about recycling.

“Enterprise customers wanted to get more from their InfiniBox hybrid platform. Infinidat knows this from their tight relationship with their partner community. They listened and have delivered this exciting new innovation. The SSA Express Software makes it easier for channel partners, like us, to sell the InfiniBox in the enterprise market. It’s a very strong selling point that enterprises can confidently consolidate more workloads on InfiniBox, reducing CAPEX, OPEX, complexities, and IT operational requirements. In addition, having access to the larger capacity version and partially populated versions of the InfiniBox SSA II adds powerful tools in our toolbox as an IT solutions provider to customize storage to the needs of each enterprise. In addition, their cyber resiliency story makes sense especially with the latest ransomware threats.”

Ted Carlson, President and Founder - Marcum Technology


Let’s look further into the Environment factors of the new SSA II compared to the competition. Surveys show that 93% of IT decision makers expect technology suppliers’ ESG programs to have a greater impact on their organizations future purchase decisions. Customers want to buy from enterprises that are “green” and align with their own green initiatives. Nowadays, more and more RFPs in the IT industry include compliance with ESG policies in sourcing agreements. So, how do we measure up?

How do we measure up?

Comparing the new SSA II F4316T to an enterprise-class AFA storage competitor you can quickly see on a Watts/TB basis that the F4316T is 1.5 to 3 times more power efficient!

How does power efficiency equate to OpEx?

Using the same competitor’s configuration, we can determine how the power efficiency (Watts/TB) reduces the power and cooling requirements in the data center. This calculator is on our webpage. Simply put in your cost for a kWh of power. For this example, we’ll use 30 cents.

In this example, we see an annual savings of almost $50,000 which equates to a savings of 165,866 kWh of electricity consumption and equals, from the website:

The Bottom Line

The addition of the F4316T to the SSA II family of AFAs provides a compelling scale-up capability that provides more flexibility for consolidation including your most performance sensitive workloads. Meeting an OpEx price point lower than the competition while achieving reduced power consumption that contributes to a greener solution. These are “top of mind” discussions going on in every enterprise today, ones that Infinidat should be invited to.

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