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Storage Trends for 2023

As a leader in the enterprise storage market, we see five storage trends unfolding in 2023. This blog post dives into each market trend and how Infinidat Federal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinidat, focused on accelerating growth and scaling Infinidat’s enterprise storage business in the U.S. federal government market, is relevant. Looking ahead, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year in the storage market.

#1: Convergence of cybersecurity and storage as a cornerstone of an enterprise IT strategy

CIOs and CISOs continue to increasingly realize that, if they don't combine storage with cybersecurity, they're leaving a gap in their corporate cybersecurity strategy. IT leaders are accustomed to protecting the network and endpoints, deploying firewalls and looking at the application layer. However, all of their data end up on storage. The great awakening in the enterprise market, heading into the new year, is that, if an enterprise storage solution does not have the capabilities to help combat a cyberattack, the C-suite and the IT team are leaving the organization severely exposed. The trend is for storage that is buoyed by cyber resilience to be part of every comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in every large organization.

Infinidat has developed storage solutions that perfectly align with cybersecurity solutions and strategies commonly used to protect enterprises, as well as cloud hosting providers, managed hosting providers and managed service providers. Infinidat and its partners work closely with CIOs and CISOs, along with other IT leaders and administrators, to make cyber resilient storage a key part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, plugging vulnerable gaps and securing the data against cyberattacks. To enable organizations to activate the converged strategy for cybersecurity and storage, Infinidat Federal provides state-of-the-art cyber resilience solutions, anchored by its one-of-a-kind and award-winning InfiniSafe® technology, which has baked security into every aspect of the storage estate for an enterprise data infrastructure.

#2: Boosting the ability to make a near-instantaneous recovery from a cyberattack with the highest level of trust in the data

The question is not “if” your organization is going to be hit with a cyberattack; it’s a question of “when” and “how often.” Your organization will get attacked, and it could get attacked multiple times. At that point, it’s a matter of how you respond to that attack. Cyber resilience is among the most important and highly demanded requirements of enterprises today to combat cyberattacks across the entire storage estate and data infrastructure.

Even if your endpoint or your network security keeps the cyber criminals out once or twice, there will surely be times when they get through. When that happens, one of the critical things for an IT team is to get a known good copy of the data and make a speedy recovery. It's crucial to use an immutable snapshot of the data to ensure that the data has not been compromised. In other words, the data can be trusted. Finding a known good copy is done by curating the potential candidates to restore in a fenced forensic environment. The last thing you want to do is just start restoring data that has malware or ransomware infiltrated within it.

Infinidat Federal provides cyber resilience on its InfiniBox® platform, InfiniBox™ SSA II platform and InfiniGuard® platform with its InfiniSafe cyber storage resilience software to encompass the complete portfolio. Industry acclaimed InfiniSafe combines immutable snapshots of data, a fenced forensic environment, logical air gapping, and virtually instantaneous data recovery. Notably, the immutable snapshots and the rapid recovery are both backed by Infinidat’s rock-solid cyber storage guaranteed SLAs. Unlike other storage vendors, Infinidat is guaranteeing your cybersecurity technology. Once a cyber criminal gets through an enterprise’s line of defense, it’s all about resilience and recoverability of the data, building on a known good copy of the data, which Infinidat Federal helps you more easily identify with automation and put into a safe, fenced forensic environment. The cyberattack is nullified.

#3: Harnessing the capability of anomalous pattern detection to do cyber scanning on secondary storage

We’re seeing a trend emerging more broadly in 2023 around cyber scanning with the ability to do anomalous pattern detection, particularly on secondary storage. In the longer term, we see an expansion onto primary storage over the next 2-3 years. This cyber scanning is another tool in the storage admin’s tool bag, along with cyber resilience, to be proactively strengthening the data infrastructure to handle the ever-increasing sophistication and deceptiveness of cyberattacks. Whether for money, power or perverse entertainment, these attacks are designed to take down your business.

Infinidat Federal is able to provide the anomalous pattern detection capability through our partnerships with backup vendors. Our ecosystem of partners enables us to deliver to customers the ability to do scanning on secondary storage. Infinidat Federal’s ability to bring together complementary solutions and capabilities creates value for enterprise customers and partners. Since this is an evolving area of technology, as customer demand increases and there is a market need for various versions of this type of scanning, we envision Infinidat Federal playing in this space for years to come, continuing to advance our enterprise storage solutions.

#4: Growing demand for ease of deploying cyber storage, resilience and advanced security technologies

Enterprises and service providers are increasingly seeking easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use solutions that meet their needs for cyber storage resilience and integrated security technologies. They want not only automation, but also the next level up with autonomous automation. End-users don’t want complex set-ups anymore. They want to be able to quickly and efficiently access forensic environments, and when it comes to recovery of data, they expect two or three clicks, and then be done with it.

Users benefit from Infinidat Federal’s set-it-and-forget-it approach to cyber storage. InfiniSafe is easy to deploy and easy to use. Infinidat Federal has radically simplified the process by which enterprises can inject cyber storage resilience into their infrastructure. Customer reviews on Gartner’s Peer Insights website continuously give high marks to Infinidat for ease of use. Infinidat Federal has worked to raise the bar on the ease and efficiency of deploying these advanced solutions.

#5: Cyber resilience is being recognized as necessary for both primary and secondary storage as a safeguard against cyberattacks and internal threats

People often think that cyber storage resilience is only about backing up data. That’s not true. Cyber storage resilience is more than backup. This is an important distinction that speaks to a trend for the next year because smart cyber criminals won’t only attack your secondary datasets, like backup, but also attack your primary datasets. In recognition of this reality, enterprises and service providers are heading into the new year injecting new levels of cyber storage resilience into both their primary and secondary storage environments. There is a shift in the enterprise market starting to happen from being reactive – waiting for the cyber criminals to attack and then doing something about it – to proactively prepare for recovery, likened to disaster recovery. Companies usually have elaborate disaster recovery plans and business continuity measures. There is a growing awareness that “cyber disaster plans” need to be put in place with the right set of capabilities to initiate and execute rapid recovery.

Infinidat Federal provides cyber storage resilience on its InfiniBox and InfiniGuard solutions through InfiniSafe technology. Infinidat Federal’s approach helps customers to accelerate the shift to being proactive, rather than simply being reactive. Cyber storage resilience enables an enterprise to nullify a ransomware attack, as if the attack didn’t even happen. No ransom, no disruption. Infinidat Federal is the enabler for this new force to safeguard against attacks.

About Eric Herzog

Eric Herzog is the Chief Marketing Officer at Infinidat. Prior to joining Infinidat, Herzog was CMO and VP of Global Storage Channels at IBM Storage Solutions. His executive leadership experience also includes: CMO and Senior VP of Alliances for all-flash storage provider Violin Memory, and Senior Vice President of Product Management and Product Marketing for EMC’s Enterprise & Mid-range Systems Division.