Optimize your storage infrastructure with performance monitoring and analysis tools

InfiniMetrics® provides system administrators with transparency and a unified view into the performance and capacity of all InfiniBox® systems, providing insight for any given point in time.

InfiniMetrics helps organizations reduce their storage costs and ensure they are getting the most out of their InfiniBox storages arrays. InfiniMetrics is included with InfiniBox at no additional cost.

Key Advantages of InfiniMetrics

Gain Visibility

With a single tool, gain visibility into the performance and capacity of all InfiniBox systems so more informed decisions can be made with respect to the placement of applications and potential consolidation points.


Lower Costs

Use insights provided by InfiniMetrics to lower capital costs by consolidating systems and identify storage performance issues before they become problems that impact the bottom line. InfiniMetrics is included, free of charge, with every InfiniBox system.



Proactively monitor performance from anywhere in the world, 24x7x365, to prevent problems before they occur. Troubleshoot and identify the root causes of performance issues. InfiniMetrics easily and seamlessly integrates with enterprise management systems to alert to potential problems.


Ensure Consistent Performance

Analyze hosts, volumes and file systems to maintain high performance across the enterprise and easily identify top performance consumers. Roll back to any point in time within the last year to see historical performance. Troubleshoot and identify the root causes of performance issues.


Reduce Complexity

InfiniMetrics provides a view into the entire storage and server environment accessible anytime, from anywhere, using an intuitive, HTML-5 interface within a standard web browser.


Save Time

Monitor performance for all your systems instantaneously with a single tool.



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